Podcast: Naval shipbuilding without ships & a Navy review about what?
Richard Marles views a shipbuilding model.

The Deputy Prime Minister (and Defence Minister) Richard Marles views a model of shipbuilding facilities while in South Australia. Source: Defence Images.

Written by

Marcus Hellyer and Michael Shoebridge

The second Grumpy Strategists Production looks at ‘continuous shipbuilding’ and the Navy. 6 years on, the National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise hasn’t delivered any ships. Meanwhile, the ANZAC frigates and Collins submarines are ageing & will become increasingly fragile. What does the Defence Strategic Review show us about the role of the Navy? While the public debate around US Admiral Hilarides’ review is limited to a furious argument about big or small ships, Hilarides’ job has to get beyond that and provide a practical plan – even if this costs the Government money.