Saltwater Strategists Podcast: AUKUS, DSR and Australia’s Maritime Capability
Marcus Hellyer Navy podcast

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Marcus Hellyer

In this Australian Naval Institute Saltwater Strategists podcast, Dr Marcus Hellyer, Head of Research at Strategic Analysis Australia, examines many of the key issues around maritime capability and the Defence Strategic Review.

In a wide-ranging discussion Marcus looks at challenges facing Australia’s naval capability in the coming decades as the Navy enters two long, complex transitions in its subsurface and surface warfighting fleets.

These challenges include the risks that need to be addressed to successfully introduce Australia’s nuclear-powered submarine capability such as cost, workforce and industrial capability. He argues that sustaining and upgrading the Collins-class submarine while bringing Virginia-class SSNs into service and simultaneously starting to build AUKUS SSNs in the next decade will require a massive increase in industrial workforce.

He also examines various options to deliver what Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles has described as ‘impactful projection’, that is, a long-range strike capability as well as options to get more lethal maritime capability to sea quickly this decade. These include an armed minor war vessel such as an up-gunned version of the Offshore Patrol Vessel as well as a range of uncrewed systems.

The podcast can be found here.